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Training Your Puppy

Both the African Boerboel and the Airedale Terrier have a lot of energy and love to have fun. With that said they are both easily trained while being enjoyable for both you and your puppy.

Before we get into some training techniques, keep in mind that puppies need to walk and run as much as possible. This might include tug of war, playing fetch with a ball, or just several walks around the yard or block.

Both breeds love the family life. They will want to participate in everything you are doing. This though is where training is important so they understand what is accptable, and what is not.


Training Your Puppy

Training your puppy should begin the day you bring them home. If you allow them to do things that are not acceptable, this is an acknowledgment from you that their behavior is acceptable. There are certiain key words that you should use daily so they will quickly know to top what they are doing. While the word you may use may be different, stay consistent every time a behavior is either acceptable or not.

Training your puppy is not all about telling them the word NO. In fact positive reaction from you and everyone in the family for good behavior is just as important.

Here are a few examples of words that should be used during specific behavior that you may want to stop immediately.

Start with the basics. Have some treats ready as you will always need them. Reward them with a treat everytime they perform a desired reaction to your verbal commands.


Have a treat in your hand and get your puppies attention. Show the treat and bring the treat around to the back of their neck. When your puppy sits, give them the treat and praise them. Do this at least 5 times per day and they will catch on very quickly.


When your puppy sits, hold your hand up and tell them to stay. Take a step back and again tell them to stay. Now tell them to come verbally while patting your knees. When your puppy comes give them a treat and praise them. After a few times, take additional steps back and tell them to stay.

Release them from the command with come, and again praise them. If they don't complete the task, don't give them a treat. Pet the puppy, and try again until they complete the task.

Be sure to increase your distance, add distractions and increase the duration as time goes on with the stay comman. Be sure to release them from the command and make them come to you. This is so important for training, and saftey of your puppy.

Potty Training

It is up to each individual to cage their puppy. If not, you should have a designated area in your home for your puppy. Keep in mind that this is a bit of a process and that your puppy does not understand cause and effect as of yet. If you decide to potty train both inside and out you want to be sure to walk your puppy often. Let them know to go potty when outside.

Enforce this often and give them high praise and a treat when they do their business. When inside, have a place where you want them to use to go potty. Show them this area often and keep an eye on them. If you see them staring to turn and looking like it is time, Place them on that spot or bring them outside immediatly.

Dogs are creatures of habbit. Be sure to feed them the same time each day. Give them a few minutes and bring them outside to do their business, be patient. Again praise them once completed and bring them inside.

They will start to understand that outside is the place for them to take care of going potty.

Leave It

Yep, you will be using this one a lot. Puppies like to get into everything. Be sure to have plenty of toys so you can teach them what they can play with, and what they cannot.

When they start chewing something, and they will, tell them to leave it. At first go to them say the command and assist them. Take certain articles like a sock to teach them the leave it command. Once they look at you and they stop advancing towards that object, praise them and give them a treat.

You can also take a treat and place the treat under your foot. As they sniff and try to get the treat, tell them to leave it. When they give up praise them and give them the treat.

Hopefully some of these trainings techniques will help you to establish some rules around your home while giving your puppy plenty of love and praise.





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